What are you wearing and from where?
Black tanktop from H&M
West-African Pendant I got from a ‘brotherofanothermother’. I always wear it.
Levis Jeans shirt bought in Rome (market of Porta Portese). 2nd hand
80’s Carhartt jacket bought in Rome (market of Via Sannio). 2nd hand
Red pants from Zara.
Espadrilles from H&M

 What if you were an animal which one would you be?
I am an animal.
 What if you were a Disney or fictive character?
I would have a Funky theme song.

 What if you were a piece of clothing/accessory?
I would be a pendant. Hanging between two boobs.

 What if you were a movie?
It would have a great soundtrack.

 What if you were a city?
I would be The Jungle.

 What if you were a song?

Come and find out!

 What if you were a book/magazine?
Lot’s of pictures.

What if you were a quote?
“If you don’t feel it, don’t play it.”
James Jamerson

What’s your favorite place to hide from the world?
On the dark side of the moon.

 If you met an interesting stranger, what would you whisper in his/her ear?
‘Nice to meet you!’
(But I think he/she might find that a little creepy)

 Secret tips on where to get inspiration:
Might be good to start with trying to understand what & who it is you see when you stand in front of a mirror.
If that doesn’t work, nowadays there is probably an app you can download which will tell you who you are.

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