From Burberry (and Google) with Love…

A small article on a cute little find: Burberry Kisses.
Sounds like the title of another lipstick ad, doesn’t it? Well it sort of is, cleverly hidden in a cool app, so it doesn’t feel like an ad. Luxury marketing on a new level. lets users send personal messages to their loved ones. The message gets sent in an enveloppe and is sealed with a virtual imprint of their actual kiss (in a real Burberry lipstick color, of course).

Burberry paired up with Google to launch this (digital) worldwide project, which is basically an ode to Love. We know what a love brand like Burberry sees in a project like this, because what is more effective than love to activate the masses and connect people worldwide? Aren’t we all suckers for romance? I know I am. But what is Google’s part in all of this?

Well, this project is part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative. An initiative that aims to humanize technology through emotive digital experiences. They are spot on with this one, if you ask me.

The experience of signing off your message with a real kiss is engaging and really fun. And after you send your message to your loved ones and into the digital universe, you can follow that kiss on a global map of kisses. This map shows cards being sent from one destination to another in real-time.

Once you have captured your lip imprint, you can fill out a postcard with your friend’s email, city and submit.
Apparantly, if you are sending this postcard from New Delhi to Mumbai, you’ll catch a glimpse of your letter sealed with your kiss flying across the Taj Mahal and descend upon Mumbai’s skyline.

Try it! Support romantic projects like this and follow the love around the world…

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