Fashion designer-sculptor-performer

What are you wearing and where from?
shoes: Loubi
dress: Takhoon
Jacket: Crooks & Castles
Flower  crown by me vanessa pinto

What if you were an animal which one would you be?
a Crysalyis….what is more beautiful than a Caterpillar turning into a Butterfly?! (and I’m in love with Ephemeral by the way….)

What if you were a Disney or fictive character?
 very “cliché” but I’d say Alice in Wonderland to be 100% honnest..

What if you were a piece of clothing/accessory?

4.What if you were a movie?
5. What if you were a city?
6.What if you were a song?
7.What if you were a book/magazine?
8. What if you were a quote?

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. can I not answer to these questions?! because I have too much repertories and I think just choosing one of them would denigrate the rest (if you asked me to give you a list of my favourite”s”, it would have been easier for me to quote my crushes on movies,cities,songs,…) p.s: not answering is an answer as well when you argue and explain why you choose not to answer….

 What’s your favorite place to hide from the world?
My room ❤

 If you met an interesting stranger, what would you whisper in his/her ear?
 “I Think I Just Fell In Love With You Artistically” (but maybe, this is the step after just meeting an “interesting stranger”….if he’s a musician for example and I see him on stage and feel what I just told you..maybe this is what I would say to him….)

Secret tips on where to get inspiration:
 My dreams

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