The infamous Zeb commercial

Clothing chain ZEB is known for its rebellious attitude towards sales regulations. So it was generally expected, they would clash with standard regulations again coming sales period.

So what’s new this time? Of course they are ignoring the waiting period that comes before the actual sales period – no shock there – but this time they decided to announce their defiance with quite a provocative commercial.

The result is pretty to the point. Three women take of their clothes in a crowded shopping street and walk defiantly towards a camera. They are properly covered with black censoring bars that have the word SALES on them. In the end a voice-over announces the start of the sales period in the ZEB stores. Short. Catchy. Noticeable.

It’s hard not to see the similarities with the 2009 Make The Girl Dance videoclip “Baby baby baby”. In this 4.30 minute music video three naked women shake up the Rue Montorgueil in Paris.

In comparison the relatively short ad (10 seconds), could have larger consequences than expected. Unizo and NSZ already announced they are going to file complaint against ZEB, but the girls in the video are also facing repercussions.
The girls risk jail time that could go from 8 days up to an entire year and a fine that could go from 26 euro up to 500 euro. Why? Because the production crew did not have legal consent for the recordings that were held in Leuven. “If witnesses can confirm the recordings, then it’s a case of public indecency,” explained a representative of the Leuven based prosecution.

Personally I find these measures ridiculously over the top. I have nothing but respect for these women, who were apparantly streetcasted for the occasion. Courageous passers-by who were recruited for their guts and willingness to walk along a street, naked. Honestly, would you?
And I don’t believe they were harming anyone… So what’s the problem anyway? We’re no prudes.

So lets watch ‘the making of’ of the video and applaud the models and the makers for this awesome project.

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