Unlocking the Truth: these sixth graders do it their way

Most of you probably never uttered the phrase “That’s so cute!” while listening to metal music. Nor do I think there were a lot of afro haircuts to be spotted on Graspop Metal Meeting earlier this week. That might change with the boys of Unlocking The Truth entering the music scene, because they have been breaking stereotypes left and right.

Unlocking The Truth is a Brooklyn based metalband, formed by a couple of highly motivated, gutsy sixth graders: Malcolm Brickhouse (electric guitar), Jarad Dawkins (drums) and Alec Atkins (bassist).

Unlocking the Truth: (l.) Malcolm, (c.) Jarad, (r.) Alec. (photo by: Kevin Shea Adams)

But don’t let their young age fool you, they mean business. For a couple of weeks now they have been rocketing to internet fame because of the popularity of their Youtube clips in which they stir up Times Square. Actually, all kinds of media picked up their story and have been fueling their ambitions.

Meanwhile the boys are rapidly building quite the rep for themselves, performing on different festivals and in all kinds of venues all over New York.

The Avant/Garde Diaries looked the boys up and let them do the talking:

“I don’t like doing something that everybody else is doing. I wanna do my own thing.” – Malcolm Brickhouse

“Who wouldn’t see kids like us actually picking our own genre, something we will be known for.” – Jarad Dawkins

Kevin Shea Adams of Vice (@KevinSheaAdams/Noisey.vice.com) also took interest in the boys’ success and was quite impressed after his visit:

These guys play seriously brutal metalcore, and they’re better than whatever sixth grade band you were in.

If you listen and read carefully, there’s a lot of wisdom in these young metalheads. They do what they want to do and they aren’t scared to do things differently. An attitude that’s greatly appreciated by the Reckless Animals and I hope these boys get rewarded for their willful spirits.

Some final advice from the band:

“We do want to inspire other people. Don’t let nobody push you down. Be free. Do what you wanna do. Just be yourself. Do what you do best.”

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