Hi my dear animals,

So yeah it’s summer that means that there are a lot of awesome festivals, the most of them just ended but I have some great news for those who still want to spend their energy on one:

WE CAN DANCE SAT 10 and SUN 11 august @ Zeebrugge Beach

You don’t know what it is ? Well dont blame yourselve, it’s a new festival concept organised by the owners of Kitsch Club, Club 69 & Magic. They had the idea to bring the Burning man (see previous article) and the Coachella vibe back. So all those  boho chic party animals who love to get wild on electronic music get your asses at this amazing festival.

Well like the coachella vibe is hanging around you obviously need to come with that calfiornian bohemian look, let the hippie in you out and get those long dresses and those flower print shirts out! Thats actually the dresscode. No inspiration? Get some tips here below.

No ticket yet ? Here.

I hope i will see you at this electronic beach festival.

Peace and love

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