Pharrell Williams’ 24-Hour Music Video | Are you watching it?

Apparantly it’s the week of the interactive music video. After the ever amazing Bob Dylan took the web with his interactive video for “Like a Rolling Stone” – 50 years after the initial recording (proving that it’s never too late) -, Pharrell Williams launched his 24-hour music video for “Happy” today.

When you open the clip, it automatically starts at a time corresponding to the local time of the viewer (hopefully you after reading this post). The video offers the ability to fast-forward, rewind and skip around to different times and places in Pharrell’s “Happy” day.

It’s a huge, happy, dance-y, smile-y adventure of a thing with cameos from Jamie Fox, Steve Carrell, Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Jimmy Kimmel, and Magic Johnson, but better yet it just features a lot of normal folks having a good time.” – Miles Bowe,

It truly did make my day to see all those people smile, twirl, skip, dance and jump around. It’s kind of contagious.

Warning: The song itself only takes 4 minutes, which means you get to hear the song 360 times, during the 24-hour loop. If “Happy” is a beloved song, listening to it 360 times in a row, could ruin it for you. Just sayin’. Up to you to see if it’s worth the risk. 

Visit the website for the full version:!

Or get a glimpse over here…

… and don’t hesitate to try the Bob Dylan one as well! His video allows users to surf through 16 different channels and watch a variety of shows, all mimicking the legendary song. Like a crazy mass media karaoke. 

Full version: Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone | music video


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