The Slap

Everybody remembers the beautiful, but oh so fake, kiss-a-‘random’-stranger video that went viral a couple of months ago. This is not a sequel. No, this is more of a cynical, turned slapstick, parody with a more sincere edge to it. This is people slapping each other in the face. Which is totally different. And painful in a more physical rather than emotionally awkward way. Because let’s face it, you more often want to hit a random stranger than kiss one. (Peace and love to all of you people out there by the way…)

So who do we have to thank for this abundance of slapping? That would be Max Landis. Who you should definately follow on his YouTube channel: Uptomyknees, because sometimes he has stuff to say about “Superman and superheroes and shit” and he posts some nice material like I featured in this blog post.

How did he get to making this video? In the description box beneath the behind-the-scene footage on YouTube he explains:

Several months ago, I discovered a white studio space on the edge of Los Angeles. The idea occured to me instantly to shoot something there, but what? A sequel to my minorly viral series of Superman videos? A music video? The blank white space stretched out before me and I clutched my beer and squinted my eyes and found myself thinking of something that felt unbelievably obvious: I should get my friends to hit each other in the face.

So he got his friends and acquaintances (some of whom are models and actors) to consensually hit each other. And yes, that is Haley Joel Osment in the movie. Their reactions are priceless. Watch how they direct each other. “So you go first…” The awkward violence is the cutest! And the gasps and giggles and expressions of disbelief make the video so much more real, spontaneous and relatable, because seriously what would you do? How would you react? Slap a friend nearby if you’re not sure.

So what was his theory behind the film?

The theory was: A slap, robbed of its violating context, is more intimate than a kiss.

True, I guess. How badly do you have to trust someone to let this person knowingly hit you. Though I still prefer lips over fists.

You can see behind the scene footage beneath and read more of his comments and his philosophy in the description box. Enjoy!

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