Blue Daisy – Cries of the Beast

He describes himself as London’s best kept secret, but with music like this he won’t stay hush-hush for a long time. Blue Daisy (né Kwesi Darko) brings us twisted music that echoes the shadows of London city’s underground. A genre that our labelmaker finds hard to define. So let’s not try.

I can only describe it as a journey through the dark domains of my mind, body and soul.” ~ Blue Daisy,

In an interview with he does list a bunch of his influences so as to give you an idea of the roots of his creative juice.

I listen to a whole loada shit across the spectrum, from black sabbath to The Body, from Vashti Bunyan to SZA, from Fever Ray to FKA Twigs, from Aphex Twin to Ben Frost, from Augustus Pablo to Massive Attack, from Beenie man to Dizzee Rascal (Boy in da corner), the list could go on. My sound is influenced by so much around me and so many sounds I hear in my general day to day life, but mostly deriving from a darker foundation.” ~ Blue Daisy,

Hors catégorie, if you ask me. Once he’s on your radar, his sound gets addictive. Bad-ass after-midnight hypnotism. So I advise you to check out the rest of his EP Psychotic Love. And for the instant fans who would like to dig a little deeper and get to know the entire musical spectrum he created the past couple of years, I gladly forward you to Blue Daisy’s soundcloud and also check out his work with/for FACT magazine.

Roar on!


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