OYA, an urban dance performance by @Sarahadadia and @crewPIT

This was a first for me too, but I need to say it… Get your music-dance-loving asses to Genk!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the rehearsals for Oya by dance collective Parents In Trouble. I met with a more than lively bunch of young aspiring dancers, whose ambitions got translated into a mesmerizing choreography by talented rhythm artist (yes, I’m pitching this term and hoping it sticks) Sarah Hadadia.

The choreo is Ibeyi inspired, which I love, because hello former blog post, and is called OYA, which pretty much stands for “change”.

Oya is a West-African orisha/goddess of change (and tempests and winds). She represents a reckless, changing and free attitude. All great qualities we want to see in a modern choreography.

Sarah (21) took these aspects and moulded it into a vibrant and hypnotizing piece of urban dance.

Impressive, because the young performers are all between 13 and 19 years old, but transform into mature, professional dancers when hitting the stage. The way they move is not just impressive, but expressive in a way you don’t expect from dancers their age.

Their performance is raw in precise motion and precise in raw emotion.

At times it’s like looking at wordless theatre, while they pull you in their story with their flowing movements and captivating rhythms, elegance and drama in all the right places.

The dancers move in unity, creating a perfect flow that guides you through the different elements that create OYA, without losing their individuality and the unique character they all add to the performance.

The way they surrender to the music, the motions and eachother is absolutely breathtaking. At times it’s like looking at a human scoubidou or – more elegantly put – a playful wind that ripples through a city, picking up, twirling and putting down everything in sight.

It’s the perfect blend of discipline and freedom.

You feel there is a community growing here. Basically it’s fun people, being weird, trusting eachother and cooperating, creating a dynamic piece of art.

So go. Let it take you in. Feel the magic that is happening here.

Meet the performers/movement masters of this production here:

Cast: Bueno Wintraecken, Nina Muñoz, Letizia Ospitalieri, Alexandra Fenucci, Floris Carpentero, Jennifer Meeuwissen, Ilaina Sponga, Riana Presti, Loredana Marceschi, Riccardo Schirinzi, Morena Husson, Chiara Troiani

Premiere date is tonight! You were supposed to get tickets here: http://www.c-minecultuurcentrum.be/programma/view/id/459/h/programma/c/te-gast… but they are SOLD OUT!

If you still want to score some tickets, put yourself on a waiting list or scour for leftover tickets on their Facebook page.

And be sure to visit Parents in Trouble and Oya Production’s Facebook Page.


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