Buzz of the week Stromae drunk?


How to begin about Paul Van Haver alias Stromae?
About his great songs or his great taste of fashion?

Stromae is a Belgian singer-songwriter producing electro/rap music. The singles he made aren’t only appreciated in Belgium, even our Mr.West made a collaboration with one of his songs “Alors on danse” Stromae is different than the other rappers, he has a very Paris chique look. He doesn’t have a  cliché look with the golden chains and the diamant rings. He is mostly with a bow tie and it works for him.

After being absent for a year, he’s back!

Last week at 8 AM in Avenue Louise Brussels, he was hanging out like he was drunk on the street. People started to take pictures and film him. Everyone thought he was drunk. And even the newspapers started to share these videos and talk about it.

BAM in your face, 2 days later he revealed his new videoclip “Formidable”. Even the cops believed it. They even asked him if they could bring him home. And of course now it’s making the buzz on social media.

Stromae comment TOI tu es formidable! It looks that Stromae has it going to the right direction, he has the looks… the style… the lyrics…
We Belgians are proud to have a singer like him in our country.

My top favorites songs

Te Quiero 

Enjoy !

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots – Razzle Dazzle

So I came across some new cats in the music scene… Well ‘new’ may not be the word, because Puss in Boots has been around since 2006. This elecro rock band has had me dazzled for some days now. Their nervous and obscure sound is mesmerizing and their performance takes you into an electric whirlwind of exciting chaos. Oh, and they are Paris based… which usually means French accents: oohlalaa

According to their Facebook the band deals with the depraved world of tales, childhood, the erosion of feelings and sensuality.

Their music is a mix of all things good in the music industry. You can hear some PJ Harvey/Alison Mosshart attitude, Yeah Yeah Yeahs energy and the slightly disturbing peppy obscurity of The Cure. Truth be told, every person listening to this band will find some other artist to compare them to, but in fact all these influences make there sound uniquely theirs.

Definately hoping to hear more…

Also give a listen to Gold Medal, Here and now or never (3D or 2D), Body Physical and definately give their acoustic stuff a listen as well!