Kwabs : Love + War #Replay

Lately I’ve been walking through life on the rhythm of Kwabs’ baritone voice. He recently released his addictive debut Love + War on Deezer and it’s been pretty much on repeat since I first clicked “play”.

Normally I refrain from playing a song I like too often, because I don’t want to risk getting tired of it. Kwabs’ Love + War album however is so diverse, it doesn’t get old. It has so many layers and covers so many different styles, it keeps fitting every mood and still surprises. It varies from poppy tunes (you might get some boysband flashbacks when listening to Fight for Love, don’t know why, I just did), to classic R&B (with nineties and early nillies influences), to deep soul. Instant classic if you ask me.

Most of you might already know “Walk”. It has hit the radio charts hard. Listening to the CD it won’t be the only one of his songs that will demand airplay, they’re all radio-ready. If you haven’t heard “Walk” yet, you can take a listen and look here, because the clip is easily as intriguing as the song.

His lyrics tell complex stories and will speak to you again and again. Heartbreak, relationships, pride, … You usually feel more uplifted after listening to Kwabs. At least I do.

Personal favorite: Forgiven

If it’s too much for you to take,
Then save yourself and walk away
‘Cause we can’t stand on shaken stone
Head to head, two hearts alone

… and Saved

Are the synths and poppy effects not your style? He has acoustic sets too. Go to YouTube and type in “Kwabs” + “original” or “stripped back” and you get pretty damn good music videos with just him, a pianist or a guitarist, and some backing vocals.

At first listen he might remind you of James Blake, whose Retrograde had me mesmerized for a couple of weeks, and you would not be the only one. He even covered The Wilhelm Scream, which is pure bliss.

So if you’re looking for something fresh with substance, an infectious rhythm and a voice that gets under your skin, you might want to give this guy a try. Make sure to check out Kwabs’ YouTube channel as well, because his music video’s are all works of art.

All Love Is Equal : Portraying Romance

Another beautiful example of how Kickstarter makes creative dreams come true. The All Love Is Equal project is a true celebration of romance. Being a firm believer in love and the narrative magic of good photography myself, I can’t but include a post about it on our blog. Make sure to watch the video and get to know the artist behind the pictures.

Braden Summers, the photographer behind the pictures, challenges himself to capture the most beautiful romantic moments all over the world, crossing cultural and stereotypical borders. Because his lens puts focus on the LGBT community, who he finds underrepresented in romantic photography. 

All of my references for idealized romance were completely hetero-normative. It is of a man and a woman, we all know the story, we grew up with it.

So Summers, who is actually a classically trained painter, paints a picture of love with his camera and goes beyond the clichés. He illustrates what he thinks iconic romance should represent.

Now, I know firsthand that there’s a lot of love and romance in the gay community, and what’s lacking is representation of this in these mediums. Now what we do see of the LGBT community is often overtly sexualized and sometimes deviant. I want to show a campaign that illustrates the love and romance in various cultures around the world, that communicates all love is equal.

In his kickstarter video Summers explains what inspired his idea.

Last year I found myself living a dream. I was in love, I was in Paris, and I was inspired by the old world architecture and fascinating people and their classic French style. So, I created a bunch of portraits and I shot couples dancing in the streets of Montmartre and women gazing over the city of Paris from balconies. It was amazing. After creating some images of hyper realistic Parisian couples and glorified portraits, my boyfriend had suggested that I photograph a gay couple, and I asked myself, as a gay man, why was that something that I had not thought of instinctively? In fact, why had I not considered this at all?

But with this beautiful vision comes a budget. Insert Kickstarter. Summers calculated that he would need $20,000 to realize his vision. The money would be financing a team of creatives, models, a producer, and production costs for the iconic shots.

The plan is to travel to global destinations that capture the various cultures and romance the world has to offer. Starting in Paris, going to Mumbai, Beirut, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, New York City and Los Angeles. If we surpass our goal, I will continue to cities such as Mexico City, Bangkok, and Tokyo.

And yes, he succeeded! He gathered a $23,121 budget to fund his dream project.

So follow his website or facebook page to follow his dreamy romantic activities.

All pictures courtesy of Braden Summers. Like it? Check out his website for more!

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Sebastian Errazuris shows us shoes, sex and stories

close up shoe

Artists usually draw inspiration from personal experience, but only once in a while it’s reflected this explicit in their work.

Chilean-born, New York-based designer Sebastian Errazuris started using his muses as inspiration for unique shoe sculptures, resulting in a fascinating collection of sexy footwear. With ‘12 shoes for 12 lovers’ he created shoes based on relationships with former lovers. Every shoe a candid reflection of the muse’s character traits and idiosyncrasies.

Every image is accompanied by a photo of the shoe as well as the girl that inspired it, together with a short explicit story that gives insight into the artist’s flirtations and sexual escapades.

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The sketches that went into the design and architecture of the shoes are easily equally impressive.

All images courtesy of Sebastian Errazuriz.

For more details and photographs go to ’12 shoes for 12 lovers’.

’12 shoes for 12 shoes’ will exhibit at melissa pop-up shop, miami from december 6th, 2013 to january 6th, 2014 for design miami/.

source: Designboom

From Burberry (and Google) with Love…

A small article on a cute little find: Burberry Kisses.
Sounds like the title of another lipstick ad, doesn’t it? Well it sort of is, cleverly hidden in a cool app, so it doesn’t feel like an ad. Luxury marketing on a new level. lets users send personal messages to their loved ones. The message gets sent in an enveloppe and is sealed with a virtual imprint of their actual kiss (in a real Burberry lipstick color, of course).

Burberry paired up with Google to launch this (digital) worldwide project, which is basically an ode to Love. We know what a love brand like Burberry sees in a project like this, because what is more effective than love to activate the masses and connect people worldwide? Aren’t we all suckers for romance? I know I am. But what is Google’s part in all of this?

Well, this project is part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative. An initiative that aims to humanize technology through emotive digital experiences. They are spot on with this one, if you ask me.

The experience of signing off your message with a real kiss is engaging and really fun. And after you send your message to your loved ones and into the digital universe, you can follow that kiss on a global map of kisses. This map shows cards being sent from one destination to another in real-time.

Once you have captured your lip imprint, you can fill out a postcard with your friend’s email, city and submit.
Apparantly, if you are sending this postcard from New Delhi to Mumbai, you’ll catch a glimpse of your letter sealed with your kiss flying across the Taj Mahal and descend upon Mumbai’s skyline.

Try it! Support romantic projects like this and follow the love around the world…