Buzz of the week Marc Jacobs VS graffiti artist Kidult

kidult-with-rhyme-and-reason-1French graffiti artist Kidult continues to spread the message against luxury brands.His slogan is “Your luxury is our misery.”

All these retail outlets have once used graffiti as a commercial tool to get more money and be “cool” without knowing anything about the culture. I didn’t simply say “hello” to them. If they really like graffiti, I just gave them what they love”, Kidult says.

After tagging Céline, Christian Louboutin,Hermès with a wink to both Cartier and Tiffany and even Maison Martin Margiela in Brussels and many more…




kidult-hits-maison-martin-margiela-in-brussels-1This time he tagged “$686” across the windows of the Marc Jacobs store in Paris.Kidult tweeted a photo of his work with the caption “680? 689?…686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis #thisisnotart”


Actually he is referring to the last time Kidult tagged a Marc Jacobs store in Soho, in May 2012. After Kidult painted the word “ART” in pink on the store’s facade, Marc Jacobs used it as inspiration for the sale of a limited edition “Art by Art Jacobs tee” with a photo of the graffiti on it for $689 at the Soho store.

Of course Kidult wasn’t pleased and tweeted “SHAME on you, YOU COPY @therealkidult to make money with it, capitalist thieve.”

So you think Kidult had his revenge?



Burlesque performer and electro pop singer

What are you wearing &  where from?
dress: Missoni
belt: miu miu
coat: nicolas woit
shoes: marc jacobs
handbag: marc jacobs

What if you were an animal which one would you be?

 What if you were a Disney or fictive character?
Alice in wonderland

What if you were a piece of clothing/accessory?
A pair of shoes

What if you were a movie?
The Wizard of Oz

What if you were a city?
What if you were a song?

What if you were a book/magazine?
Les infortunes de la vertu (Sade)